PR folks read this first

Hey guys. How's it going? You know, a lot of you have been sending me emails lately offering to 'write guest posts,' 'contribute articles' or 'write my blog for me.' Naturally, I am pleased as punch to be receiving so many generous offers. But I don't publish guest posts. I like to write my blog myself. And if I ever did run a guest post, it would be because I asked someone whose blog I really, really liked to do it. Sorry.

Other things I don't usually do: run reader competitions, publish sponsored content, advertorials, product reviews or paid-for links. There are so many bloggers out there on the internet eager to shill for your company in exchange for free swag or a lifetime supply of Scooby Snacks. I am not one of those guys. I write this blog because I enjoy it, and the fact that it is an ad-free blog makes me happy, so don't ask me to be a brand ambassador for anything.

Here's another thing you should know: My blog is about Manchester. Manchester life, Manchester culture, Manchester burritos. That's what I write about! It's totally spelled out for you here. "Manchester" is even in the name (kind of.) So if you send me press releases about events happening anywhere other than Manchester or its surrounding area, I will think poorly of you, and might even send you a snotty email if I'm in a bad mood that day.

I get lots and lots of press releases, even well-targeted press releases about stuff happening in Manchester, which I do read. But I just don't have time to respond to every one. So if you send me a press release, or an invitation to participate in some super fun experience especially for bloggers like me, and I don't respond, please don't take it personally. I'm not a horrible person. I'm just really busy, and I write this blog in the meager amount of spare time I have left after I've finished my paying work and looking after my kids. And that's also why I don't do unpaid writing work.

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