Tuesday, December 20, 2005


It was a sad day a couple of months ago when the two Manchester locations of Love Saves the Day closed seemingly overnight, in a cappuccino-scented cloud of mystery. Surely everyone must know the real story by now – and we understand that greedy git of a business manager is safely in the hands of justice.

That’s why we were so surprised when the LSTD logo was spotted on a stall in Piccadilly’s food market the other day (yes, we’re nowhere near Manc but our informants are everywhere.) A little research on t’internet reveals that the Deansgate location is going to reopen sometime in early 2006. Good news for all those Castlefield coffee hounds, but not so great for those of us up on the Northern end of town. Guess there’s always Oklahoma?

In a funny little twist of circumstance, Newyorkology reports that the Manchester caf├ęs’ namesake, a funky NYC vintage shop that was featured in Desperately Seeking Susan, is set to close in January after 20 years on the spot.

The landlord has apparently jacked up the rent, and they can’t afford to stay. Leslie Herson, the store’s owner and founder, told local rag The Villager, "New York is losing its individuality because little stores like mine can’t compete.”

Hmmm. That’s something to ponder over your morning lattes, Northern Quarterites.

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