Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Love rides again

Just noticed in Metro today that the Deansgate branch of Love Saves The Day, which has been shuttered since late 2005 due to financial problems, is to reopen on February 14. Yep ... Valentine's Day. The Oldham Street branch has been permanently closed, from what I've heard. Rats.


Anonymous said...

I know! What a pain. Where am I supposed to spend lazy Sunday afternoons now?

Good luck to all the LStD team on their re-opening of the Deansgate 'thimble' of a shop. I'm sure all the regulars will turn out in full support. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is good news, the Deansgate one is near my work and I used to sometimes go in and treat myself to a tiny pitta bread sandwich filled with something ridiculous and un-sandwich-like like aubergines, or humous and swordfish salad. And a packet of Burts hand-fried crisps, which are delicious, as they would be having been personally hand-fried by gnarled old Devon fishermen using sea salt and a recipe dating from 1776. And just £4.75 a packet- a snip!