Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday curiosities

Bench, our friend on t'other side of the pennines, has provided us with a link to a fascinating online exhibition titled "The Unbearable Sadness of Vegetables" which is just one offering from a great kitsch archive run by an American newspaper columnist called James Lileks. It's called the Insititute of Official Cheer, "where old pop-culture is subjected to our patented re-ironization process." Neat-o.

Dave Maass of Maassive has posted to Manchester is Shit about a local comic artist, Robin Scott, whose mini-comic Every Life I've Ever Lived follows his day-to-day life. I hadn't heard of this guy before.

If you're into art of the digital flavor, hustle your bustle down to the eerily splendid Victoria Baths for Meme Pool, the first show from new Manchester artist collective Interval - it's worth checking out and it's only up this week.


Anonymous said...

I really, really gotta give props to Robin Scott. It's a brilliant little comic and y'all should get your hands on it.

tony said...

Thanks For The Mention.
Also, thanks for Victoria Baths info.Im a big supporter of the Baths & all its trying to do.