Friday, January 12, 2007

An avalanche of new blogs

Wow, there's like, soooo many blogs to add. Here we go.
Bend to Squares is the quite slick-looking blog of Vic, a copywriter and Australian in exile. It's basically a resource for cute art and crafty things, as well as fashion, photos and other covetable odds and ends... like the unsettling work of Marcel Dzama, which is the subject of her latest post.

is a blog of pub poetry written by Danny Wise, aka Andy Sewina. It's not poetry about pubs, at least not mostly. "I call it Pub Poetry 'cos most of it was written after a few beers down the local watering hole." he also has a personal blog at Proper Joe's. And his partner Nicola has a blog called Raw Meat

ysr23 is subtitled "photos and that." It's the work of Thomas Mceldowney, who posts a photo a day. He's responsible for the image above - I'm sure Stretford has never looked so hauntingly beautiful.

is the personal blog of Julian Malik Seidenberg, a Manc student who's had a very interesting life. Really.

Elgey is currently traveling in Prague, where he is presumably drinking absinthe - if you scroll down a bit there are detailed instructions on how to correctly prepare "the green fairy." Never had absinthe myself, but always wanted to try it.

is a personal blog - the name comes from the old Roman name for manchester, and there's quite a bit about the city's ancient history in the first post.

There's also another political blog: Politaholic, which has lately focused on close readings of and responses to political coverage in the newspapers.

Postcards from the Manchester Student Scene; That one's self-explanatory, I think. Same goes for Reel Review.

Thanks to the folks who emailed about new bloggage - Nick, Chris, Andy and the rest.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link. You seem to work very hard digging all of these new threads out (with a little help from friends!) so it would be churlish of me not to link back to you.

Feel free to stop back any time and let me know what you think as the blog grows.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget Nick's own new blog:

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the added Link to my blog, every little helps, mmm Absinthe you say you've never tried it, well we brought 4 bottle back so if ya fancy any gimme a nudge

Anonymous said...

likewise, cheers for the link - i can't compete with offers of absinthe but if you would like a picture of a tower in stretford then i may be able to help


Kate Feld said...

Aw, thanks vince and toast!

Kazgraz said...

Thanks for the link! I didn't know about it, but stumbled back on to your blog via the BBC blog and there I was. Very chuffed :o)

jonthebeef said...

Are there any good food blogs in Manchester? I tried to start one last year but ran out of steam after 2 posts.

Kate Feld said...

Jon, I did the exact same thing last year. The only food blog I know of is A Life through food, which is one of the MEN blogs. It isn't on the blogroll, but I'll try to remember to add it this week.