Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Roller disco, in an undisclosed location

Aww, yeah. I've been waiting so long for this, and someone's finally done it. They're bringing a roller disco to Manchester this Saturday night. And of course I'm buried beneath three feet of snow (really, no joke) in Vermont, and I can't go. How unfair is that? If you want to know how much I love roller disco, read this.

And it's so much more than just a roller disco. This Saturday, Manchester Forbidden Arts is throwing a big party from 2pm til 4am at an "as yet undisclosed venue." They promise us roller disco with skates for hire, art exhibs, film screenings, propaganda distribution stalls etc. from 2-5:30, and something called a "Cabarave" from 6pm-4am, featuring (deep breath): spoken word, film, Cabaret performance, burlesque, fire shows, belly dancers, circus skills, bands and Manchester's finest DJ's playing music. Want to know more, like, erm... where it's gonna be? Email manchestertaa at yahoo.co.uk

The roller skates will help you get away from the police dogs all the faster, right?

(The photograph is of NYC's own Bill Butler, the Godfather of roller disco and a lovely man.)


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a tip of how to find out where this is going to be?

Kate Feld said...

I gave the email in the post but I guess you missed it. You can email manchestertaa at yahoo.co.uk to find out where it's going to be. I don't know, myself.

Tim said...

The "Whither Skateland?" post is absolutely beautiful.

Please please please say you've still got the silk jacket Roller Disco written on the back.

Nice photo gallery of Vermont Snow Scenes too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i should really read things properly rather than skim over them. Shame on me ;)

Kate Feld said...

Thanks, Tim. Sadly, the roller disco jacket disappeared long ago. I hope it found another ten-year-old who was as into it as I was. I'll see if I can dig out any photos while I'm home, and if I do, I promise to post them.

BTW, soon after I emailed you about dinner the last time I had to fly to VT in short order. I'm not just being rude. Really!