Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time Out Manchester update

Yet another installment in the laborious will-they-or-won't-they saga of Time Out's much anticipated Manchester launch.

In an interview on brand new NW Media networking website How-Do, Tony Elliott declares that the magazine will start in October, following the launch of a beefed-up TOM Website. It should definitely launch by the middle of October, he says ... unless it takes longer to set things up, that is, but certainly we can look for a launch no later than the beginning of next year.

Uh huh.

There are some more interesting bits in the interview, like the part where Tony says he's "fairly confident" the magazine can shift 8,000-9,000 copies every week. And, yes, it's a video interview delivered via YouTube. Pretty spiffy, no?

But the best part of this interview is down in the comments, where two competing magazine editors have written little love notes purporting to wish Tony good luck on the Manchester launch that are actually wince-inducing, thinly-veiled shills for their own unimpressive mags, 69 and (my favourite) Moving Manchester. What a couple of palookas.

If you're wondering where How-Do came from, it's the brainchild of Nick Jaspen formerly of the NW Enquirer. It "offers news, opinion and resources for those working in all aspects of media in the region." It looks promising so far.

Other interesting bits include a piece on Manchester Confidential, complete with an amusing description of the advertorial site's restaurant "review" process, and a comments spat... already! And we notice they have very good taste in blogs, too.

(Thanks to Mind for the Time Out tip-off)


Anonymous said...

Nice one -- I hadn't heard about How Do; definitely bookmarked, it looks promising.

Al Mackin said...

Nice looking site with some interesting pieces, MancCon ain't Web2.0 though (far far from it) and a shame that a 'new meejah' website doesnt understand that. They should know that salesmen spout last seasons buzzword!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying the site! Any feedback much appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Just stumbled onto your blog as was doing some google searches on Manchester.

Interesting article although i fail to see what is so cringe worthy about 2 other companies giving positive comments to Timeout. They are obviously having trouble getting investment and a bit of encouragment from others never goes amiss. I think you are being a little bit harsh on them there!

Also, having looked at the Moving Manchester website i noticed that the editor did not post that article but the Managing Director. I know it's something small but acusing people of writing things that they actually have not wrote can land you in trouble.

But then i guess thats the beauty of blog sites. You can publish whatever you want because at the end of the day nobody actually gives a toss.

Keep up the good work though!

Kate Feld said...

Oops, sorry - missed the title there. Thanks for clearing that up, Ben.