Friday, June 29, 2007

Goth beach party

How do you make a 16-year-old Manc goth miserable? Turn their fave hangout into an "urban beach". Unless its a grim, overcast winter beach off the North Yorks. Moors those Urbis marketing folk want to recreate with the 80 tonnes of sand they're trucking in - though, somehow, I doubt it. Beach Club Manchester looks more Bacardi Breezer than cider and black.

You can read the whole sordid tale, and get links to pro- and anti- beach campaigners' myspace pages (of course they have myspace pages) at Whathappenedlastnight.
The beach was meant to be in business June 25, but has been delayed until July. Check here for more info.


Anonymous said...

That What Happened Last Night article is the most one-sided load of sneering bollocks I've ever seen. Is that what passes for journalism these days?!

Stuart said...

I agree with Shithappenedlastnight.

Also, ThegardenbehindUrbis, is realy well used by those young folk. They appreciated that garden more than anyone else appreciates any other part of town centre Manchester.

They're there all day every day. They're always good natured and non-threatening. It's a meeting point for well behaved adolescents. That has to be a rarity.

To these young people it's 'important', and the What Happened Lst Night article seemed to think that just because these kids are young, their needs are seen as less valid.

Why create the 'beach' anyway? To get more use out of the land? It couldn't be more used.

And even if the 'beach' is temporary, it'll still spoil that part of town for the whole summer.

And on a practical note, because Urbis is so tall, it's always incredibly windy around there. That sand's going to sting. And it'll be in your butties before you even have a bite.