Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RenterGirl in the Guardian

Yes, it's another "Manchester blogger makes good" post. Y'all are just so darn talented these days. Our MBA best new blog awardee RenterGirl has a nice big feature on the front page of the Guardian's Society section today. Called "Lost in Neverland," it's about the perils of living in a rented new-build apartment in the city centre - essentially a short n' sweet version of her blog. Well done!

Curiously, the article never mentions Manchester - perhaps the Guardian wanted to help it appeal to urban nomads all over the UK? Or maybe they were trying to shield the actual location of Dovecot Towers to prevent reprisals from angry landlords?

Another interesting thing is that RenterGirl has dropped her anonymity for the article and used her real name, Penny Anderson. Penny's a freelance journalist based in the city whose professional writing experience clearly shows in the polished tone of her blog. It's interesting how anonymous bloggers find they can't keep their identities a secret anymore when they cross over to print (see Single Mother on The Verge/Maria Roberts) but I guess it's not surprising. Most newspapers, mags and publishers aren't down with anonymous bylines, at least not for stuff that's based on real-life experience.


Penny Anderson said...

Thanks for that Kate! Winning the award meant so much, and has been extremely helpful in getting people to read my work. I think rentergirl applies to all urban areas, and not Manchester in particular (in fact Leeds and Sheffield are suffer even more from newbuild blight.)
Thanks again to Kate, manchizzle and MBA for all their help and encouragement.
Penny aka rentergirl

Penny Anderson said...

Also - that picture you used here? That's my flat, that is.

Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing with the blog. A place as large as Manchester deserves a central focal point for its blogging.

Looking forward to seeing what 2008 brings!

best regards