Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome back, number 43

In among this week's crop of new blogs, some of you might recognise an old friend. The 43 was a beautifully written blog based on writer Geoff's musings while riding on the number 43 bus. It captured our hearts and won the blog of the year award at the first Manchester Blog Awards 2 years ago. And then, Geoff stopped writing. But now he's back with 40three, a brand new wordpress blog that's subtitled "Faith, Philosophy and Life:"

"It’s been nearly a year but I have finally decided to get back into the world of blogging! Some of you may remember my previous blogging adventure, from which this blog takes its name (to give the whole thing a pleasing sense of continuity) but not its theme. I doubt this present jaunt will be as sensitive, amusing, or fortunate in stumbling across a friendly award, but it may well satisfy my current appetite to write," he says.

Then there's a new blog called How do you do? which bills itself as "Lifestyle Guides for the 21st Century of Time." Jolly Roger has helpfully given us instructions on how to be a human - and, rather enterprisingly, is already flogging t-shirts and mugs with the blog's name on. Goodness. Upcoming topics include how to be a temp and how to be a gay... Oh, I can't wait to read that one. (via Manchester is Online, Sarah from the MEN's blog formerly known as The Mancunian Way.)
UPDATE: Have now read the promised post on how to be gay, and will be removing this blog from the blogroll and any links to it, as it's unbelievably offensive.

Also in the business of helping people - at least made up ones - is Dear Kitty... It's a fictional agony aunt column, updated every Friday.

Photoblog words fail has some nice snaps up. That's one of them up there. (Thanks to northernights for the tip. He has just posted an excellent round-up of Manc musicbloggers' Best of 2007 lists, btw.)

In the sports category, United Road is "concerned, as the name suggests, with Manchester United, primarily with the political and business stuff that swirls around off the pitch, rather than doings on it." Has an interesting post on there about XFM's commentary on Man U games, and the station in general.

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