Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Blogs: The Checkpoint Charlie Edition

"Can I see your papers, sir?" Manchester's set to become Cold War-era East Berlin as we've drawn the short, shit-covered straw and won the privilege of being the first city in Britain to get identification cards.

They won't be compulsory, oh no - well, not at first. Good citizens will queue up to get them out of an earnest desire to help the authorities keep us all safe, right? And you're a good citizen, right? So why don't you want one? Don't you want to live in a safe country? Hmmm, maybe we should make them mandatory. For the good of all, you understand.

Don't you stand for it.

I received an email from Rosetta Hampshire telling me about her new blog: although I am not quite as delicious as I once was

"I suppose it would fit best in the personal blogs bit as I intend to write largely about myself and my feelings about moving to Manchester. I was actually born here about ninety years ago but had never actually seen the city until this year. At ninety years old I cannot promise my blog will last for very long but hopefully it will be worth reading while it (and I) keep going."

There can't be too many nonagenarian ladies who list Stereolab among their favourite bands, but the world is much stranger than we think. ;)

A couple of new music blogs: Guestlist and Cath Aubergine's Up the Down Escalator which is a blog that lives on MySpace.

Oldham 100 is a photo blog written by an Oldham bus driver who documents his route in daily snaps. Great idea, nicely executed.

The Manchester Zedders live here. What are zedders? Go find out.

Following up my last, surprisingly comment-provoking post, Sarah Hartley has a personal blog here, and will continue her food writing here.

Commonword joins the blogging fray with Commonword Blogs.

An interesting new addition to the city blogs section: Lost in Manchester, which chronicles "the weird, wonderful and plain ordinary in and around Manchester" Reminds me of the excellent Forgotten NY.

CMS, who writes Lost in Manchester, also has a photo blog called The Last Picture show.

Culture Club Social is not a blog but a ning site with the motto "Be proud, be creative, be in the city - Bee Manc (a reference of course to the symbol of Manchester, the industrious honeybee. Which is now endangered. Hmm.) They're interested in news of cultural events around the city.

All Over MCR is an anonymously written blog that seems to have a Manchester news and media focus, with recent posts on the launch of the Bury Independent and Channel M.

Peace out.


Rosetta Hampshire said...

Jolly kind of you to give my blog a 'plug'. I was introduced to Stereolab by a very forgiving young man who I crashed by push-bike into as I was cycling down the banks of the Seine. He was kind enough to take me back to his flat and tell me all about his favourite band while I rebuilt my strength on chrysanthemum tea and madelines.

LostinManc said...

Many thanks for the mention - much appreciated!! It's nice to know the products of my aimless wanderings are getting seen by one or two people.

Anonymous said...

Much obliged.

Benjamin Judge said...

I am sorry. I fear one of my fictional characters may have infiltrated your blog. Rosetta belongs in The Patchwork Labyrinth. Now that I am here can I shamelessly plug where all will become clear.

Kate Feld said...

Ah, no problem, Ben. Happens all the time. They're tricksy buggers.

Look forward to reading more.

Katy Murr said...

Just want to say thanks for the link.

My journalism is very much in-the-making, then again, I'm 18, so that's surely what you'd expect!

The Manchester Zedders said...

Thanks for the mention! We shall return the favour.