Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Blogs: The short and rushed edition

A short, highball glass full of new blogs for you to knock back as I rush out the door:

Falling and Laughing is Alistair Beech's blog about music, film and media.
Mithering Times is a new personal blog.

Thoughts of Nigel
is a media commentary blog written by Nigel Barlow.

Another media addition: Katie Moffat's PR nowandthen.

A new artist/illustrator blog: Stephen Marshall Also on the art tip: ArtYarn is a collaborative fibre arts project coordinated by visual artists Rachael Elwell and Sarah Hardacre. If you want to know what yarn bombing is, check it out.

Charismatic Information Technology
is written by Simon Carter for those folks who know the difference between VPN and VPL, unlike myself, to whom they are just a random arrangement of meaningless letters.

Send me some more new blogs, will you? Stocks are getting dangerously low.


Mike said...

Thanks, Manchizzle, your boost is appreciated, but I'd hate for my blog to be judged as a photo blog, considering the piss poor quality of the majority of photos I post.

Kate Feld said...

Sorry Lester, I'll change it - was working from your own descrption of it on the profile (and in a hurry, so I probably didn't look as hard as I should've).

Should it be a personal blog then, or something else? Let me know and I will move it and amend the post.

Mike said...

I guess Personal. Thanks for changing it.

Liz said...

Don't know if you put gardening blogs on here but here's mine if you do - up in sunny North Manchester

Kate Feld said...

Liz - you'll be our third allotment blog (in personal blogs, until there are enough to warrant their own category)! I'll add you next batch. Cheers for sending in your link.

Alistair Beech said...


Many, many thanks for featuring Falling and Laughing. Lots more to come from F&L...