Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello January!

Greetings comrades. 2010 has been a little rough on the re-entry so far. Snow, ice and, for my part, more work than I know what to do with. That last one is generally positive, apart from the whole not having time to write blog posts thing. I'm sorry about that, but experience has taught me that my readers are steadfast and stick with me through thick and thin. Right? ... Hello? Oh, hi. You're still there. Good.

It has recently been suggested to me that bloggers who don't shell out for their own domain name don't take themselves seriously enough to be worth reading. I don't really agree with this (I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of taking myself seriously), but I have been considering buying my own domain for a while. Maybe I should give myself a new url as a little present.

I haven't bought a domain name for this site in part because I do a lot of work helping people start blogs, and I want to show them that it really is super easy and free to create a blog. Buying a domain name is great, but it's not necessary. That's part of the reason I've stayed on Blogger, too - I've used both lots and I genuinely think the interface is easier for less tech-savvy people (counting myself in there) to deal with than Wordpress, though the latter looks way cooler and can do so much more.

I haven't experimented with Posterous yet but I know a lot of people really like it. Anyone prefer this platform to all other blogging platforms? I'd be interested to hear what you think.


Anonymous said...

Try Tumblr - super easy and good feature set, also allows you to point domain for free.

Tim said...

I generally do nearly all my blog reading via a Google Reader RSS feed, meaning I visit actual sites very rarely. So it makes little odds to me what blogging service you use, whether you own your own domain, and so forth. Save your money!

I especially like the way that Google Reader makes it all about the content and not the style or presentation.

Kate Feld said...

Yeah Tim, I am a fan of Google reader too. A bunch of us are in the process of putting all the blogs on my blogroll on one massive Manchester Google Reader... could take a while.

It's not that much money getting a url, it's more the inconvenience of everyone having to change their links. I hate so to inconvenience people.

kenandbelly said...

I'm with Tim on the Google reader bit-- it's what I use and it really does put emphasis on the content. For people for whom the writing is the draw I don't see a blogspot in a url to mean much. Still, I'm also considering getting my own domain and getting all serious... but what's the fun in that? ;)