Thursday, May 13, 2010


A few interesting odds and ends:

Some Manchester writers have cooked up a tasty new web-based venture over at 'other' magazine. You can read new writing from various people, admire Nicholas Royle's 20-year-old collection of bread tags, and an annotated diagram of Socrates Adams-Florou's fridge (above). Plus, they're on Twitter. And this post about the absence of a UK independent lit scene has attracted 86 comments!

Not Manchester-based, but interesting all the same. The Literary Platform is a new website showcasing projects involving literature and technology. So if you like what we do over at Rainy City Stories, you might enjoy a browse.

TBA Magazine looks to be a new art webzine based in Manchester. Lovely website and some good lookin' content on there. No word on when issue 1 will be launching - will update this post when I have more info.

And I enjoyed the maiden issue of Things Happen, a fanzine about our fair city from the Manchester Municipal Design Corporation, a subsidiary group of MMU's DesignLab. Website coming soon and a second issue planned for this summer, if they can find a way to pick up the tab. You can find it at FutureEverything events.


Unknown said...

hahaha, some of us 'other' folk are based in London too! thank you for mentioning us. x

Kate Feld said...

London? I think I've heard of it.

Keep up the good work!

Paul Capewell said...

I know three issues of TBA have been printed so far, but I'm not sure about the future as Holly is leaving Manchester soon. I imagine the website will continue though, even if the print version doesn't.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Kate, don't listen to Albert - he has nothing to do with 'other' (haha). Thanks for the link.

Kate Feld said...

Thanks for the info, Paul - their website says issue 1 coming soon so guessing they've just been too busy to update it ;)