Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New blogs: Part 2

I've long been a fan of Len Grant, the Manchester-based photographer and writer whose work focuses on telling the stories of the people the media typically ignores: asylum seekers, addicts, people fighting like hell to win their way back to a better life - sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. So I was delighted to learn that Len's current project is a blog: Her First Year documents in words and pictures the story of baby Mia and her mother Frances, who are living in supported accomodation for vulnerable young mothers. It's a beautiful project in every way, please go check it out.
On a day when we're all fairly disgusted with the lack of attention paid to women's sport in the UK, it's good to see new additions like Girl On A Terrace , a lower league football blog from the perspective of a female Rochdale AFC fan. Any more sport blogs out there written by women? Give us a shout.
Anyway, here's the second part of the enormous list of new (to me, at least) Manchester blogs I had to add to my blogroll. If I've left anyone out, send me an email.

arts & culture, design/fashion blogs:
Old Fashioned Susie
northwest is best
Beauty's Bad Habit
Curious Damsel
Pepper and Buttons

literature/writing blogs
Katie Anderson Writer
Beau Brummell Press
I hug my books
Julian Lee Robinson
Craig Pay
You, me, and the story
The Poplar Tree | it's not chick lit or pulp fiction
Chetham's Library
Music blogs
Carnival Saloon
Film/Television blogs
Cathode Ray Tube
Foodie blogs
Little Red Courgette
Tea and Sympatico
City/neighbourhood blogs
Manchester Meanders

Digital/tech blogs

Personal blogs
.....haven't had a dream in a long time
On the Edge; A Freelancer in the Recession
what red said
The Fag Casanova
My Wonderful Life
Image copyright Len Grant


Pippa {Pepper+Buttons} said...

Thank you so much for featuring my little blog! Can't wait to visit all the others {so much going on in this wonderful city of ours} x

Stacie {Curious Damsel} said...

Hello :)

Thank you for including my blog thats very nice of you! I have been visiting all the others you've listed, its great to find new blogs :)


Frank Collins said...


Thanks for mentioning the blog. Much appreciated.

Alison Staples said...

Hi there - thanks for listing my blog - My Wonderful Life. I really appreciate it. x