Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hey, look ... new blogs!

You may notice that I've sneakily added some new blogs to the Manchester blogroll:

Kate works in the arts and blogs a lot about film and such on If You're Sad and Like Beer... I believe the title is a reference to that whacked-out, perplexing and gorgeous Guy Maddin movie The Saddest Music in the World, pictured above. Kate hasn't been blogging very much lately but maybe if we all pester her, she will. Pester. Pester pester.

The Airport Diaries is a workblog apparently written by someone who works at Manchester International Airport. The author is listed only as "the airport exile." Interesting stuff.

Half Lived by Truman is a personal sort of blog written by a man who is living between the USA and the UK - A man I can definitely relate to. In his case, he divides his time between Texas and Manchester, which is an interesting combination of places (and one hell of a trip). Haven't I heard of a band around here with some members who lived in Manc and others based in Texas? Was it the Earlies? And then there was another musician from Texas who now lives in Manchester - I forget who. So what's the big Manchester-Texas connection?

The latter two blogs came courtesy of the links on Easy Update, the photoblog of Ms_Understud. Formerly of Manchester, now of Newcastle. Our loss.


Kolin said...

another new blog http://www.manchesterisshit.com/

cha mone!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Good work you've done here in rounding up all the Manchester blogs, but there is another you've missed; mine!

It's just a lowly mp3 blog but Manchester is the place I live and love, so I'd love to be a part of this whole community. An add would be great and I'll add you in return.

Keep it up,


Kate Feld said...

Cheers for that James. Not sure yet whether we're going to include myspace sites (there are sooooo many of them and most of them function as much more than simple blogs.) I'll do a post soon soliciting opinion about it.

Anonymous said...

Hate to be a Pedantic Percy, Yankunian, but my blog is actually MSN Spaces, not MySpace. I'll agree that it's a lesser of two evils, but I think I do pretty well with what I've got.

I am thinking of moving to Blogger, though. Having said that, I'd feel as though I was hacking off a limb by ditching my MSN Spaces blog. Something to think about anyway.

I hope that any kind of elitism doesn't stop me from being added, but if it helps, I heartily dislike MySpace.

Cheers anyway,


Kate Feld said...

James, my bad. (Hangs head in shame) I got msn spaces and myspace confused. Just goes to show what a hopeless technocrat I am. There is a pretty big difference between myspace and msn spaces.

The post about msn spaces of yesterday was partly to see what people thought of the phenomenon, after I ran into loads of them in the same week. And yes, you're right in pointing out that blogs should be listed whatever type of site they're on. I do not want to be elitist.

Your blog will be in the next batch that are going to be added hopefully on Friday (doing it more than once a week is too hard for brain.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Yankunian. Much appreciated. I look forward to it.