Friday, May 26, 2006

100 blogs... plus two

Cough. Sniff. Sneeze. This is me limping into bank holiday weekend with a terrible cold, missing work and surviving on a diet of tea and toast. At least the weather is crappy so I don't feel as though I'm missing out on anything special, like our camping plans. But, because I'm always thinking of others, I have pulled myself out of my feverish lethargy to add a few new blogs to the blogroll ... nudging us past our 100-blog benchmark.

The first is McBlog, written by I.Mc, who has put down Aberdeen/Manchester as hometown. Quite a combination. What will you find there? Bad chimp jokes, musings about the proliferation of St. George's Cross flags, and a mini-review of the Da Vinci Code.

Then we have Mark is Taking the Plunge, a writing blog by an aspiring novelist. Recent topics include short stories, and a sneaky peak behind closed doors at the Carcanet offices. Apparently they give tours to the public.... who knew?

Finally we have The World of Mistrust, the blog of Mistrust, a downtempo chillout musician, who writes about the music he makes at home. That's all for now, I'm running out of strepcils.


I.Mc said...

but its the best chimp joke I've heard all week

Kate Feld said...

Dude, it's the best chimp joke I've heard ALL YEAR. said...

poor manchizzle. whisky is my cure-all.

how's this for a joke.

Man goes to a zoo, and all he sees is one dog. It was a Shih Tzu.

(works best verbally)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thats the best joke about Shih Tzu I've ever heard!