Monday, May 15, 2006

Open Guide to Manchester

It can be difficult trying to find new places to go in the city; we all get stuck in our own little grooves. In the past, the livejournal community Manchester's Journal has been good for the odd restaurant, pub or night out tip, and I've just learned about another place to look: The Open Guide to Manchester. This is in the wiki format, so the idea is that it gets better the more people contribute. I found the way it was set up not so user-friendly, but if you noodle around with it for a while you can find some interesting things. Let the wiki-ing begin. They especially need help with city centre restaurant reccs - one of the few listed now is the Wetherspoons in Piccadilly.

I found out about the Open Guide on Criminally Vulgar, the newest addition (number 98, in fact) to our Manchester area blogroll. CV is written by an expat yank who works in IT and lives in Wigan. Scroll down for a fascinating tale of gypsies in Leigh, a handy guide to charity shops in the Wigan area, and The Da Vinci Code translated into livejournalese.

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