Monday, November 20, 2006

Holy new blogs, Batman!

Good morning. I've finally gotten around to adding a number of new Manc blogs that have been piling up around here. They are:

The personal blogs 3rd (R)age, Ubersnack, and Totga.

The writerly blog In Search of Adam.

The street fashion photography blog Manchester Looks, which is the source of the photo above. This blog doesn't shed any light on the eternal Manc fashion dilemma (novelty socks over OR under the trackies?) but maybe that's next week.

The blog of the esteemed Northern Film Network , which is bringing documentary filmmaker Jes Benstock to Preston's Mitchell and Kenyon cinema tomorrow night - and it's going to be free, I hear. Hope to get over there for that.

A shiny new urbisblog, which today makes mention of the fascinating historic Mancunian Ann Lee, who started the Shakers. There's a great biopic there, if you ask me.

And, last but not least, Corrieblog.

Many thanks to everyone who wrote in asking to be added or tipping me off to a new blog, and especially to Mancubist, for being dilligent about scoping out new blogs while I'm off noveling.

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