Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Free gig tonight

Breaking Christmas market update: I just happened to notice on the BBC Manchester website that B-Music have organized a short-order gig there this evening featuring American folkstress Josephine Foster, Voice of the Seven Woods, and Jane Weaver. It kicks off at 6pm in Albert Square. They want you to make an extra effort to come on time so as not to upset the proceedings. Josephine's been described as "delicate" so I hope they're planning on keeping her warm.

All info here.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my little band are supporting Josephine Foster next week down in Coventry. A shame I didn't read this earlier, it sounds like fun. VOTSW are lovely too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, just thought you might like this if you havent already seen it. Great idea, we should all go along pillows at the ready!

Manchester Pillow Fight