Thursday, March 15, 2007

Have Mersey!

Who says Mancs and Scousers can't get along? Hogwash. The Manchizzle has a new best friend, and it's name is Liverpool Blogs.*

Liverpool Blogs is the work of eminent ex-Mancunian blogger Stuart Ian Burns of Feeling Listless, and it's much like this blog in its aims; Stu says "Liverpool blogs more and more and the purpose of this site is to provide a focus for the budding blogging community, highlighting our writing and demonstrating that actually, we're not alone."

In fact, he says LB was actually inspired by The Manchizzle at the top of the first post. Aww, you gotta love being inspirational. Anyway, it's just barely been born and is still a mere mewling, monkey-faced infant in the blogosphere, but go take a gander at that blogroll. Amazing how many Scouse bloggers there are already, isn't it?

*(Of course we still love you Flat Out Norwich. You know what they say: "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold." I think that was a little song I learned in Girl Scouts.)


Flat Out said...

I was never in girl scouts (you know what I mean) and my main memory from boy scouts was thinking 'I so do not like khaki shorts with a green jumper, there are just too many forest hues', but thank you. You were my inspiration too - you are inspirational and continue to be. I am also discovering how hard you work at it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I presume you all know about the Shaggy Blog Stories book for Comic Relief?

There are a few Manchester bloggers represented in it: Dan Flynn, Jonathan Crinklybee and myself for a start - as well as some well-known national writers.

Any chance you can plug it in all your various media capacities?

If you follow this link...'ll find a press release and all sorts. Looks like it could be big!

MB said...

"Who says Mancs and Scousers can't get along?"


Kate Feld said...

MB, you're not helping, you know.