Monday, September 03, 2007

Under construction

Here are some pictures from the New Islington Festival on Saturday:

Versifier Martin Stannage getting things started in the literature tent.

This is Seb Clarke bring the horns, while the security guy looks bored.

There were these two crazy performance artists dressed like medics, clowning and dancing all over the place.

I love how this one looks like an L.S. Lowry painting. You can see that the festival was basically a party on a muddy building site.

Before and after?

I had a good time, though I took a stupid route to the site and was menaced by a marauding band of scallies haunting the canal. Spent most of my time in the literature tent, where I heard David Barnett read his great short story "What Would Nite Owl Do?". It had been published in the sadly departed All Saints No Sinners but I missed it somehow. Anyway, I'm reading the amazing Watchmen for the first time right now, so it was weirdly serendipitous to hear a story that referenced those characters. I also admired the insanely cool cover for the Pulp Fiction-themed editon of Transmission which should be out soon.

Later I saw 2 Days in Paris at Cornerhouse, which really is funny despite often being a huge Woody Allen rip-off (or should I say tribute?) It has this great scene with a cat... I was actually howling with laughter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad you enjoyed it. You were the person I spoke to just after the reading, right?

David Barnett

Kate Feld said...

Yes! That was me.

I have since finished Watchmen and am trying to figure out what piece of the Alan Moore oeuvre I should read next... V for Vendetta? The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Hmmmm.