Thursday, August 21, 2008

Helpful hints on nominating for the blog awards

How could I forget? Every year, right after I publish the news that we're taking nominations for the blog awards, I have to write a curmudgeonly and pedantic post explaining how a nomination is not the same thing as a vote. And it's that time again. So listen up:

Your blog only has to be nominated once to be in the running to be shortlisted for a blog award. Even if it gets nominated 73 times by devoted readers spanning the globe, the first one is the only one we care about. This ain't the people's choice awards; the judges decide at the MBAs. So putting something on your blog like: "Hey everybody, email this address and nominate XBLOG!" is kinda missing the point.

Also missing the point: nominating your own blog in every category, even the ones that obviously don't apply. Instead, why not maybe throw in a few nominations for MCR blogs you respect and admire in other categories? What? You don't read any other blogs? I'll pretend I didn't hear that.


Anonymous said...

What if you don't even read your own blog? ;)

That has to be the best tag I've seen in a while - the one for "curmudgeonly and pedantic posts".

Manhattanchester said...

To be fair though the categories are so elastic it would be tough to find one that DOESN'T apply!

skipper said...

Kate Is there no political blog category this year I wonder. I would have emailed this query but have assiduously logged on while in Montreal on holiday.

Kate Feld said...

Skipper, you're right: There is no political blog category this year. There didn't seem to be enough interest or activity on a local level to sustain it. Sorry if this disappoints.

Hope you're having a wonderful time in Montreal - one damn fine city that is.