Monday, August 18, 2008

Manchester Blog Awards 2008: Nominations open

It's that time again. Nominations are now open for the 2008 Manchester Blog Awards.

Here are this year's categories:

Best New Blog: You're in the running if your blog got started after August 1, 2007. It's that simple.

Best Writing on a Blog: This category recognizes some of the excellent writing people round here are publishing on their blogs. Your blog doesn't have to be a "writer's blog", though. It could be about anything; it's the quality of the prose we're interested in, not the subject matter.

Best Arts and Culture Blog: A blog that covers some aspect of cultural life or leisure in Manchester. So yes, that means art and music, but also food or sport.

Best Personal Blog: If your blog is like your online journal, this is where you fit in.

Best Neighborhood Blog: This new category has been created in response to the upturn in hyper-local online writing; some may have noticed that the "City and Neighborhood" section of the blogroll has grown considerably this year. You're a contender if you focus your bloggage on a particular locale, which could be a nabe (i.e. Gorton) or a wider area (South Manchester, or even the whole city of Manchester.)

Each winner will receive a cash prize, be the envy of all their geek friends and gain admission into Manchester's special section of blogger Valhalla after death. Mind the rules: To qualify, you have to live, work, or go to school within commuting distance of Manchester. And you can't work for the Manchester Literature Festival or MDDA, our valiant sponsors.

You can nominate your own blog, as well as someone else's. Get your nominations in by 6pm on Thursday, September 18. Email them to mancblogawards AT, clearly stating your name, where you live, the name and url of of the blog(s) you're nominating and which category or categories you're nominating for.

I'll be back to tell you about the shortlist in late September, and let you know who this year's judges will be. The 2008 blog awards shindig is October 22 at Matt and Phred's, look for more details here or here closer to the time. In the next few weeks, I'll also be posting interviews with past winners to give you all some insight into what makes blogs work.

Questions? Email me at themanchizzle AT or leave a comment. Have fun!

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Tim said...

Commuting distance? Ooh, I think there'll be some lively discussion about that one in some quarters.

I'd like to nominate The Manchizzle in the 'Most Thankless Task' category, just for putting this event on once again. Every credit to you.

Kate Feld said...

Aww, thanks Tim. By the way, there's a bit of a Preston blogroll happening over Ribbletonia way. Lancaster blgoroll? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Excellent; I've added the Blog Awards Shindig on Upcoming so people can RSVP* as they see fit.

* Yahoo! Account required.

Jenn said...

yankunian: can you email me the link to the Preston Blogroll? I can't find anything anywhere and I'm looking for Lancashire based blogs for a project I'm working on with Lancaster Litfest.

email is

jenn dot ashworth at gmail dot com