Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bewilderbliss, Best of Manchester, Apartment

Some odds and ends I've been meaning to mention:

Bewilderbliss (love the name) is a new literary magazine which launches next month. It showcases the poetry and prose of Manchester and MMU postgrad creative writing students. There's a launch party starting at 8pm March 2 in the basement of The Deaf Institute with readings from the magazine and an open mic slot.

Editor Willow Hewitt says she received over 70 submissions for the first issue, on the theme of 'The Guilty'. She reports that "the magazine will be available at outlets around town including Blackwells and the Cornerhouse, and you can stop a girl with orange hair in the street to buy an issue because chances are it's me."

The 2009 Best of Manchester Awards are now open for entries so if you know someone who kicks some ass in the fields of art, music or fashion, or you do yourself, get those entries in before May 9. (Hey Urbis, how about adding writing? Us young writers could use a £2,000 career-building jackpot too.)

Finally, it looks like the swan song for Apartment, at least for a while. The blog-savvy exhibition space in a council tower block flat is opening its last exhibition this evening in co-curator, artist and man-about-town Paul Harfleet's home. Giorgio Sadotti is the featured artist. There are a lot of openings happening tonight, but if you've been meaning to go for a while, now's your chance.


Anonymous said...

We did think seriously about it Yankunian. But we don't want to expand the categories too fast. And the joy fof the BoM awards is their eclectic nature, so art can be won by a musical (albeit about an artist), or by some clattering typewriters. So there's nothing to stop writers about art, fashion and music entering. Maybe next year for more categories--film appeals.

Kate Feld said...

Cool, that makes sense. Thanks for the lightning-fast response.