Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New blogs: The Homegrown Edition

Here's the latest in new bloggage around Manchester:

I Can Grow It is a blog tracking the progress of Susan's allotment in Stockport. It's a lovely idea and the pictures are cracking, like the one above.

Canuckistani in Limey Land is written by Rob, a North American exile recently arrived in Manchester. That's right, we're taking over. And any furrners thinking about becoming an official citizen of this grey and pleasant land (as I am) should read this post pronto.

The world kaleidoscope is a new visual art and culture blog.

Manchester is Ace is written by Carolyn Hughes and looks to be mainly about eating out in Manchester.

Edifying Discourse is Mark Rainey's personal blog.

"A year in France. Me, him and Cleo the cat. Not looking for an old barn to do up. Nor a second home, couldn't afford it, and anyway, one house is bloody hard work to maintain, so why have two? The pound has crashed and our income with it. It's beautiful. It's quiet. I know absolutely no-one. I love it. But what am I here for exactly? Good question. Anybody round here know the answer?" That's Manc in France.

Eric Olthwaite's blog is about "Boozers, Bands and Buildings. Comedy, Films and Trains. Rugby, pies and moans." His recently published Rainy City Story put one of my favorite old man pubs on the map.

More writer's blogs:

Annie Clarkson's Forgetting the Time

Matthew Hill, who writes weird fiction.

Richard Evans' Uncanny Valley

Dave Hartley is writing a short story a week for a year and posting them on his blog Lon Lon Ranch.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Yankunian. I was wondering why I had a spike in subscriptions today.

I would just like to say that anyone who reads Canuckistani in Limey Land should be sure to take it with a wheelbarrow of salt.

Manchizzle RULES.


Susan said...

preHi, Thanks so much for the link and for being so nice about my photos. Love the rainy city stories. Looking forward to having a look through the other blogs mentioned. Cheers, Sue.

Fat Roland said...

Saw Dave Harley at No Point In Not Being Friends. He's very good.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the shout out... I am enjoying browsing through the other links as well.

And I am a fellow expat, hailing from the land of cheese and beer, Wisconsin. There sure are a lot of us around these parts, it seems.

Kate Feld said...

Ah, another one! Excellent... the invasion is coming along nicely. Soon we'll have them all eating fluffernutters and driving on the correct side of the road.

Anonymous said...

thank ye very much for the link, much appreciated.

and thanks for the big up fat roland, whoever you are (even tho i know you are ian from work)



Olthwaite said...

Thanks for the link and inclusion on Rainy City Yancunian. Hope you're enjoying life in Rammy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for connecting me - I've been a bit homesick this week - so seeing mancinfrance on your site made me feel all fuzzy inside. Ta.