Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Art of Blogging at Cornerhouse Thursday

Just a quick post to say I'm running a session called The Art of Blogging at Cornerhouse Thursday evening. It's not a "how to start a blog" session (one of those is planned for early 2012), rather this one is meant for people who already have a blog and are looking for some pointers and inspiration.

We'll be looking at a number of successful blogs and discussing strategies for developing a distinctive voice and identity for your blog, finding things to blog about, building a readership, and using links, photos and comments well, among other topics. It's going to be an informal, discussion-based session, so come with questions and problems and we'll do our best to address them all. It's taking place from 6-8pm at The Annexe at Cornerhouse this Thursday 10 November, £4/£3 concs. You can book tickets here.

UPDATE: As of Weds afternoon this has now sold out. If anyone missed out and would like to attend another workshop like this, or even a workshop about some different aspect of blogging, please let me know in the comments - it helps us plan future sessions.

Gorgeous image of Cornerhouse cinema from zawtowers (via Flickr)


northwest is best said...

I've just booked my place, see you there!

CageFightingBlogger said...

Booked. Will see you there, people

Kate Feld said...

Great, see you both there!

jonathan said...

Kate I was really looking forward to this but just went on the Cornerhouse site to get my ticket and found that it is sold out! My fault for not sorting the tickets out earlier, I'm livid with myself! And yes I would be really interested in attending another one if there was one coming up.

Hope it goes well anyway!

WireMa said...

Rats! Only just found this and would have wanted to come. Just starting so maybe the 2012 gig would be better for me?

Any more plans for a writing non-fiction workshop?

Kate Feld said...

Great to see so much interest. Rest assured that there will be another workshop like this in early 2012, if not at Cornerhouse then somewhere else through Openstories.

And WireMa, we are definitely still planning at least one winter nonfiction workshop. The details are being hammered out as we speak!

Stacie {Curious Damsel} said...


I came to your talk, it was great! :)I found seeing other bloggers was particularly interesting.

Keep us updated on any other talks your doing, I would love to come to more!

Stacie :)

Kate Feld said...

Thanks Stacie, I had a great time too - glad you enjoyed. Any future talks will be on Manchizzle, and in the meantime I'll add you to my blogroll.

Alison Staples said...

Hi there - I'm really sorry I missed this event. If you run any more I'd really like to come.

Could you possible add my blog to your list? 'My Wonderful Life' www.alison-staples.blogspot.com).

It's a personal blog covering what ever the hell I feel like, in my quest for a wonderful life in the extra time I've been given (2 years ago I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and ended up having a stem cell transplant).

It's very up beat and has been known to make people snort their Benylin over their keyboards!

Thanks - Alison x

Kate Feld said...

Hi Alison,

WE will definitely be running another event like this at some point in the future, just not sure when. Will post on here when I know more. Thanks for letting me know about your blog, I'll add it to my blogroll.


Just saw this now. Would love to attend workshop like this in the future if that's possible. Please can you let me know?

Jules said...

Shame I didn't hear about this at the time! Looks like it would have been useful!