Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blog bonanza

Hey, look at that. I moan about having no new blogs to add and you all deliver. As a result we have a bumper crop of fresh, locally grown blogs to enjoy... mmmmm.

Why did I go wrong? is written by Wodge, who says it's "mostly about living in Manchester." There are so many pictures on it, it kinda looks like a photo blog, but maybe not. And one of the pictures is of a bus. What's with the sudden bus fixation, you guys?

Miss Fluff is the author of Trolley Park. She likes roast dinners and cosy nights in and she's quite a talented artist, judging by the sketches. I like this influx of arty bloggers. You can see one of the pictures from her blog above.

Lingua Franca
is a brilliant, now-defunct magazine about ideas, and it's also the name of a language-oriented blog written by Heather Pollitt (cheers to Roy at Mantex for the tip - I see Heather's also guest blogger there this week)

She writes: My blog's about anything to do with language use, seen from an analytical, iconoclastic, historical angle. I'll be commenting on idiosyncracies, shooting down blind prejudice and celebrating the recent developments in technology that have resulted in the democratising of communication. Everyone's passionate about language and that's because it's part of us. Let's explore it's workings and stop being so precious about it. Amen, sister. Recent posts explore road signs and the language of politics.

Lastly, we have The Misapplied Criminal Mind, a personal blog about, among other things, the evilness of cats and how custard is the most disappointing dessert choice ever (isn't it?)

Thanks to Lord Rich, one of the web wizards behind the Manchester Bloggers aggregator, for keeping me up to date on new additions. Sign up, folks. The aggregator is your friend, even though it has a scary name. Really.

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Thanks for the mention!

Buses always turn up in threes!