Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Mancunian Agreement

The Manchester Council is working on a plan to have all city residents sign a citizenship contract. This reminds me of something a hardboiled old newspaperman I know would say when the local government did anything especially stupid: "You just can't make this shit up." He would love this. I read about it in the MEN on Friday:

The agreements would start as voluntary but over time would become part of formal contracts, covering things like tenancies and truancy - with penalties for those who break the terms. ... The draft version refers to the contracts as "The Mancunian Agreement", claiming the idea is to "support individual and collective self-esteem and mutual respect." ... People could be asked to pledge everything from being a good parent to avoiding dropping litter in the street to trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Apparently the whole thing originated with a dubious sounding "consultation project". No word yet as to how much this pettifogging malarkey is going to cost us.

Spinneyhead has taken note. And Blood and Treasure definitely isn't having any part of it. Even Shuggy weighed in from up North. Stay tuned.


Stuart said...

This is just too fab.

What happens if you refuse to sign it? you get shunted to the outskirts? Kearsley can expect a massive influx of scalliwags, can it?

I'm a model citizen, I really am.
Lend me a pen. Where do I sign?

I'm overjoyed that my council tax isn't being waisted on, erm, pointless, meaningless rubbish like policing, the fire service, refuse collection etc.

Buffy said...

How did I not see that?

Adrian Slatcher said...

They had to have a "big idea" since the Commonwealth Games has gone to Melbourne this time.