Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More bus blogging

You wait and wait for one and then two come at the same time. Groaningly trite yet highly appropriate seeing as not one but two bus blogs have arrived in our city within a couple of weeks. Hot on the heels of I Wanna Ride The Bus! comes 43, a record of travels on the 43 bus (goes between Piccadilly and the Airport), which is the means of blogger Geoff's commute. He writes:

I suppose it would be fantastic to travel around the world to amazing places and write about it, like a travel writer, but I can’t do that. What I can do is get the 43 bus to town (and back again), and, you know, waste not want not and all that. Moreover, I think getting the 43 bus can be pretty good.

Geoff has some pretty cool drawings on the blog (one of a folding bike is above)and some of them even move. And the soundtrack has got to be a recording of the background sound on board the 43. In his latest post he waxes lyrical about bus graffiti.

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