Thursday, May 11, 2006

More new blogs

Here's the rest of the new Manchester-area blogs I didn't get a chance to add yesterday:

Great Blue World is Peter's blog about arts, culture and politics from a gay perspective. Recent posts cover the perplexing appointment of Ruth Kelly as equality minister, Paris Hilton's desire for a gay boyfriend, and the "new abs" of the Tories.

The Life of Baz
offers "a study of girls, god, geekdom and life in general," written by Baza, "a 19 year old stuck in a dead-end job with no prospects for the future, struggling to write a book in my spare time." There's a post - with picture - of the city's new outdoor urinals, which don't sound very private at all. Eeek, how bizarre.

I am Banno is the personal blog of, erm, Paul Banno, a maths student who works in a cinema, writes about movies and telly and other stuff, and is a budding fiction blogger. He lives in "what sounds like the geekiest house in Manchester" - and I suspect some of his roomies may already be on the blogroll. You guys definitely win in the blogs-per-house stakes.

I love this one. Martial Arts! A journal by Kit Lok features weekly reports and lesssons from the world of Martial Arts (yes, it goes into a bit more detail than 'wax on, wax off...') With bone-crunching action pics and, somewhat randomly, a picture of the guy who played Cat on Red Dwarf, whom Kit recently spotted at a martial arts event. Dude looks exactly the same.

Louisa is a Canadian woman who moved to Manchester. Her blog is called Canadian in Manchester - and she's certainly not the only one, eh C? It appears to be mainly a personal blog.

A Cool Noise is another music blog, linked to the author's indie music website by the same name. He writes this week about Last.Fm (which I am a big fan of - my user name is Yankunian; if anyone else is on there give me a shout.) A little further down there's a useful guide to going to gigs, clearly gleaned from longtime personal experience.


Peter Jacobs said...

Thank you kindly for the mention! It`s a dry old world out in the blogosphere sometimes!

Kit said...

Thanks for the review of my blog!
Cat from Red Drawf was a very down to Earth guy and I thought he was quite short(you know when you watch people on TV and think they are short..he was one of them) But saying that so am I so we got on quite well!
Thanks again for your review I shall link you on my next update!