Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New blog about food

Oops, forgot to include this new foodie blog in my roundup the other day. Moreish is a blog about "living deliciously in the Northwest", and looks to feature the best of the region's food and drink: From parkin to pho bo, from vimto to vol au vent, if it's good (or exceptionally bad) then I'm going to write about it. I'll uncover culinary mysteries, tracking down the fabled "slappy" in its natural habitat, scouring remote moorlands for forgotten pubs, and unearthing the last Temperance Hall in existence.

Moreish's first few posts include a review of the Three Fishes in Mitton and a description of a farmer's market at Hoghton Tower near Preston.

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tony said...

Welcome Back!
They Look Rose-Coloured !:)