Thursday, October 04, 2007

Manchester Literature Festival: Review competition

Before I say anything else, today is the last day to vote on what happens in the final chapter of our Manchester Blogstory. If the blog poll function seems to be having problems when you visit the site, check back in an hour or so. For some reason the poll is extremely temperamental. We don't know why. Sigh.

The Literature Festival kicks off tonight with a reading from the wonderful Rose Tremain. For the next week or so I'll be redirecting my blogging energies over to the shiny new MLF blog, where we're running a review-writing competition. And if you write the best review, you'll win a covetable set of Vintage Twins worth £150.

All you have to do is send your review of an MLF event (400 words or less) to me at mcrlitfestblog at gmail dot com, within three days of the event. I'll post all the reviews we receive, with a link to your blog if you have one. Full details here.


Chris Paul said...

Have blogged the political category here. It is a hugely disappointing category and makes me worry about the rest ... which are linked from the previous post. Thumbnail reviews of the best writing category which I also found a bit depressing. Should I go to the Doctor's and check it's not clinical?

Kate Feld said...

Chris, again, I'm sorry that you and your friends weren't shortlisted. You can't win 'em all.

I've read what you've written on your blog about the awards, and the tone of it saddens me. Until now, the awards - and the Manchester blogging community - have been remarkably friendly and kind-spirited.

Please try to put your personal disappointment aside, and enjoy the awards for what they are - a fun way to promote online writing, and meet some of your fellow bloggers in Manchester.