Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Manchester Science Festival makes it 4

Hey kids, there's a new festival in town... The Manchester Science Festival has somehow materialised out of thin air, and will be spreading its nerdy goodness all over town Oct 20-28.

So how many festivals are we up to now? The science fest muscles onto an already crowded field, joining the Literature Festival, the Food and Drink festival and the Comedy Festival. Okay, that's four.

Four festivals is a lot to cram into one month, that's all I'm saying. And all this unbridled festivity puts a tremendous burden on Manchester's humble punters. You could try and enjoy them all at once by eating Italian peasant food prepared by an overpublicized celebrity chef whilst simultaneously composing a poem in your head, laughing at Dave Spikey and marvelling at the wonders of physics busking. But I wouldn't recommend it.


MSF said...

Well, we've not *exactly* appeared from nowhere... Your reasoning is precisely why we're at the end of the month, and are working with two of those four (MFDF and MLF) to do some interesting cross-festival events. Like the Sci Fi meets Sci Fact event on Sun 14 at MoSI, and the Science of Champagne at MoSI on Tues 9. See you at one of them?

Kate Feld said...

No, sorry, of course you haven't literally appeared from nowhere, I was just being silly for effect. I do that sometimes. And yes, I'm planning on attending the Sci Fi/Science Fact event.

But, I'm just curious, why October? Is this just an especially good month for festivals? Is it astrological?

MSF said...

I think October's quite a good month - from our point of view especially the autumn half-term is a crucial point in the school year. And with the nights drawing in, people are more inclined to spend time indoors (going to comedy, eating food, drinking and laughing at stuff). Plus you avoid the summer lull (holidays)/ rush (lots of other festivals - MIF, jazz, etc).

Kate Feld said...

Ah, I see. Thanks.

Fat Roland said...

It would be quite difficult to go to all four.

I'd suggest the following:

Choose one of them to go to and enjoy and talk about with your friends later. Then choose another one to go to but be disappointed, making sure you practice the exact emphasis of the phrase "it was okaaay".

Choose another one that you forget about, and insist to your chums that you meant to go, but what with work and everything. And boycott the fourth one because of Burma / greenwashing / Maddie / poll tax, delete as appropiate.

Kate Feld said...

I like it, Fat Roland.