Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wolf Haul

Road trip! In The Company of Wolves, Neil Jordan's gobsmackingly weird 1984 film of Angela Carter's werewolf fantasy, is going to be shown Friday evening in the spooky surrounds of Grizedale Forest as part of AND festival's programme of events in Lancashire and Cumbria this spring.

The film is being presented by the fabulous Scratch n' Sniff, so that means viewers will be able to appreciate it in full Odorama splendour. People are encouraged to come in fancy dress and I am told that "a transformation station will allow patrons to paint on lips as red as blood or attach a tell-tale monobrow. Rose-imbued gin will be served on arrival, plus wolf stew, a blanket of fog and an origami apple orchard."

Details here . It's cert 18, which is too bad, since teenagers who think Twilight: New Moon is the shit should be kidnapped and forced to watch this. And smell it too.

The rad limited edition screenprint by Simon Misra above will be for sale at the film for £10.


Claire Dean said...

This looks so good! Slightly worried about which bits will be sniffable though!

davemee said...

I just saw this at the preview of AND. S'n'S meant every time there was a smell to take in, your eyes hit the smell-o-board, you looked around at other people trying to work out the smell (dog food? domestos? incontinence? wednesday?) and you missed a big chunk of action - obviously, key moments annotated in this olfactory manner.

A fun reminder, however, of a very campy technology which mercifully died out. Very campy film too, which felt strangely out of time.

Kate Feld said...

Thanks for the report, Dave - sounds well stinky. Sorry I missed it.