Thursday, March 23, 2006

And one more

One new blog got left off the last post. It's Urban Trawling, written by Si. He says: I didn't invent urban trawling, I am just a victim of the trend. Exiled from the "real world" of trendy city-centre bars and coffee shops, we have nowhere to go but the streets.

So what is urban trawling, exactly? Don't know, but I will certainly keep reading to find out more. The most recent post is a passionate rant at the soulessness of the glass n' chrome buildings that seem to be replicating themselves across Manchester at an alarming rate. Si is no fan of Urbis. Si also has the mumps - sheesh, do people actually still get that? Get well soon, Si.

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Kate Feld said...

And watch out for that Scarlet Fever ... I hear it's a real bitch.