Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blog invasion week: Day 2

Oy vey! I can't take the heat. Lever Street is shimmering in a dusty desert haze, and Piccadilly Gardens is crawling with people who are about fifteen minutes away from realising they have heatstroke and should get out of the sun, pronto. I've promised to bring you new blogs every day this week, however, and my duties cannot be shirked. But it's too hot for thinking much, so I'm going to keep the introductions blessedly brief.

First up is MREnders blog about FC United and whatever else takes the writers' fancy, which this week includes Tiswas.

Blogrot has an excellent strapline: MySpace my arse. It's a multimedia smorgasboard of a blog that started life many generations ago as a biscuit factory in the Ancoats district of Manchester. Stop by, introduce yourself to the aural delights of the Wah Zoo and check out bitrot's first foray into film, courtesy of YouTube.

Can't take any more... must go stand in front of the freezer. Keep drinking water.

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Steven Wood said...

Cheers for the link man, will do likewise.