Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New blog invasion week, Day 3

It's another scorcher today, but it's nice and cool in my house. And, as promised, here's a new batch of Manchester-area blogs for the ever-lengthening blogroll. I'm seeing a lot of very sophisticated, designed-up sites out there, which is making me look at the old Manchizzle and think it's time for a facelift of sorts. Sigh...

Richard, who's getting a MSc in History of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Manchester, is the man behind
One Born Every Minute
, a repository of funny and quirky thoughts on religion, ethics, psychology and modern society. If you're concerned about the afterlife, you might want to read his latest post: Are You Going to Hell? Take This Fun Test. And yes, trips to Ikea on the Sabbath do count.

Northern Comfort
is the online home of Northern, who writes hiphop, electronic and dance, which you can hear on his site. You can also see Yoda bust a move while throwing down some mad rhymes. This week he writes about a San Francisco anti-graffiti campaign that seems to be appropriating the techniques of street artists like the brilliantly inventive Wooster Collective - the very folks they are trying to shut down. Another musician's blog is Testrack, which is specifically about "dubstep tunes and other shizz" and you can hear some of his tunes on the site.

Jonathan Fox is an interactive media specialist, photograper and author who lives in Cheshire and writes WordCast, a widely-ranging blog that recently covers the problem of Britishness, the erosion of civil liberties, and our blogmeet... thanks! He also thinks whistling is just wrong.

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