Monday, July 17, 2006

Invasion of the new blogs

I've been meaning to add a bunch of new blogs to the Manc blog roll for ages. So long, in fact, that the number of blogs waiting in the tiki lounge, sipping a cocktail and tapping their toes impatiently has grown to an unruly crowd. So brace yourselves for a ginormous influx of new blogs this week. Be nice to them.

First, welcome to jonthebeef, a Manchester DJ who operates a sweet music blog at Black Country Grammar, which is also hooked up to the musicblogaggregator extravaganza that is - go check it out if you haven't already. BCG is featuring a multi-part T in the Park roundup that is guaranteed to make you wish you were there.

Next up is Drongomala, "who says he is heralding the second Renaissance. Drongo means idiot and mala means 'evocation of'. He runs a recording label in Manchester. This blog weaves in and out of focus between music, politics, art and personal experiences. Snapshots take place in the same manner as a knee hit on the unfunny bone. This is the chicken the hammer and the egg." Cool.

is a personal blog from Stef from Chorlton, who likes windsurfing, sunshine and wobbly dogs. She splits her posts between English and Italian - our first bilingual blog, I think? There's a long post in Italiano titled "On Ikla Moor baht'hat" that I wish I could read - wonder how that translates?

Dented Nerd is written by Joey. "Joey is a British female Libra who likes to rock, write and drink obscene amounts of alcohol. She studies popular music and recording at Salford University, sings lead vocals in a band, plays a bit of guitar, watches too much anime for her own good, and designs websites every now and then."

There are a few photo blogs to add as well. Photodude is snapped by John Marquess, who lives outside Manchester and has a nice photoblogroll of sites well worth a visit. Fontilan is an a stripped-down, anonymous photo blog. Unpopped is Ade Rixon's photography. Thanks to Mancubist for tipping me off to these last three. Also, Matt Cox runs a sleek Opera-based blog, Sketchy Stuff, that features great photos (one of which I've posted above) and writings about online stuff, music, film and the like.

3 comments: said...

Ms Manchizzle, you do know that "On Ikla Moor baht'hat" refers to the song, yeah? It translates to "On Ilkley Moor without a hat..." I believe it's an old yorkshire warning about cheating on your lover.

Check out: for the lyrics and to hear it.

Kate Feld said...

Sure, I knew about the song (I'm married to a Yorkshireman, remember.) but thanks for the link... I wrote that I wished I could read the post because I was interested in how the whole concept of that song, complete with Yorks. shortening/dropping of words, could be translated into another language.

Unknown said...

ehehe... the post was about how I have never felt terribly Italian, and how I was hoping to watch the final of the football World Cup with my two favourite Yorkshiremen (bf + bf's roomie), aka "The Yorkshire Regiment". The song is every self-respecting Yorkshireman's anthem, but that's very much as much as it ties with the post. As for trying to render it in Italian, I love the idea and I might give it a go, but I'm pretty sure we have some equivalent song, in terms of a moral tale ("go out without a hat -to meet a lass- and you'll end up dead and eaten by worms").
Oh, and I'm clearly returning the link.