Friday, July 07, 2006

To do: Funkateers, Buccaneers, and football

The Mothership will be touching down at Manchester Academy next weekend, so now's the time to bag some tickets for the mind-snapping spectacle that is a Parliament Funkadelic show featuring George Clinton (aka Starchild, Dr. Funkenstein) who may actually be an alien, the man who posed the eternal question: Do fries go with that shake? No drugs necessary.

Go see the Enron movie. Or if documentaries about crooked bidnessmen are too depressing, go see a movie about pirates of the non-corporate variety. Apparently Keith Richards is going to be in the next one, playing Jack Sparrow's Dad. Must have recovered from, erm, falling out of a coconut tree or whatever (what the hell was he doing up there?)

Yeah, it's the World Cup final on Sunday. But did you know that you could watch it in the air conditioned comfort of the filmworks? Weird.

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