Friday, September 29, 2006

Now with added categories!

The Manc Blogroll (see right) was getting really, really long - and I've been wanting to break it into categories for a while. Prompted by a timely suggestion from Wodge (whose blog is now all about telly, by the way) I actually did it. The blogroll is now broken up into the following categories:

arts and entertainment blogs
group/organisation blogs
literature/writers' blogs
personal blogs (hoo boy, of which there are many)
political blogs
sport blogs
religious blogs
city blogs (stuff about Manchester specifically)
tech blogs
photo blogs
academic blogs

I went through all the sites and tried to categorise them in a sensible way. Of course, if you don't agree with the category I put you in just drop me a line. But if you're some manner of electro-anarchist and have a problem with putting blogs in boxes, too bad. It's much easier and more orderly this way, and I am a virgo, after all.

While messing about in the template I took the opportunity to add some new blogs in and offload some of the abandoned ones. Too screened-out to do a proper introduction, however, so you'll all just have to introduce yourselves.


Dan Flynn said...


Thanks for the re-categorisation. The shakeup'll no doubt do me good, yup, just checked the top shelf and the dust's gone. Working already.

By the way, not sure you're getting out enough. Sorry, speaking out of turn. Forget I said it. No offence meant. What gun? Oh, you've a gun. Yes, well... got an appointment, mustn't take anymore of your time, I'm sure you're very busy, important things to do... stuff to categorise? How nice. I'll let myself out, no, don't get up... yes people who put dud matches back into the box infuriate me also... see you... you can name all the Scottish clans... how very interesting... oh here's my bus, bye... bye... missing you already...

Kate Feld said...


I am definitely NOT getting out enough. But don't worry, the gun's not loaded. And Ray-Bob, the miniature schnauzer in my head that's giving me instructions likes you anyway, so you're probably safe. Probably.

Peter Jacobs said...


I don't really think mine qualifies as a Personal Blog - but then I cover politics, the arts, architecture, history and all sorts so I'm not really helping. The common thread generally is a 'gay' perspective although even that doesn't cover everything!

How about a category for LGBT blogs...?

Peter @ Great Blue World

Kate Feld said...

Peter, that's a great suggestion. I'll ask a few of the other LGBT bloggers what they think about this, and if they're cool with it it's a go. For now, though, I'll leave you in personal, if that's okay...