Thursday, September 28, 2006

The pod people

A few random things to tell you about here. First, Jon of Black Country Grammar informs us that tonight marks the monthly return of noWax, the club night where YOU are the dj, astounding and confounding the other musos in the place with a selection of tracks from your own personal mp3 player, mobile phone, or even, Jon says, a cassette walkman (remember those artifacts?) But he doesn't say if anyone who wants to bust out some Waylon and Willie on their portable 8-track player is welcome. (Remember: "If we don't care for the 8-track, who will"? -- Mr. James "Big Bucks" Burnette)

Anyway, it's at the Bay Horse on Thomas Street from 8 tonight. Anyone who goes along to this also gets free entry to High Voltage later on.

If you're still among the podless, you might be interested in this contest I heard about. Kate Fox of the Mersey Basin Campaign says they're running a photo competition for Mersey Basin Week - the person who submits the best photograph of a MBW event by Oct. 20 will win a brand new ipod. The details are here.


Kate Fox said...

Thanks for blogging the photo competition - I'm just so pleased to be in the same post as Waylon and Willie! On the road again...

jonthebeef said...

Crikey - I don't go online for a few days and you go and make a lovely mention about me! Ahh... it's enought to make the eyes well up (sniff sniff).