Friday, September 08, 2006

September new blogs

Time to introduce some new Manchester-based blogs. As always, if I've missed anyone, get in touch.

Ickleweb is a photo blog featuring the work of Paul Griffiths, who takes snaps around Manchester and has an endearing regular feature called "bug of the week". Some nice photos up this week of the glass-ceilinged "Winter Gardens" bit of the Arndale which has just opened up. I heard the new food market there is pretty amazing too. Plan on going to check it out next week, and I'll post about it afterwards.

Elizabeth Baines is a writer based in Manchester, and her blog relates frankly and humorously what a writer's life is really like. She has just posted a report on last night's relaunch of the Circle Club, a members-only media industry club which stays open later than the nightclubs, enabling hacks and flacks to continue to get sozzled well into the next day. I almost went along with someone myself but decided to hide out in Fringe Bar instead. This turned out to be a wise decision, if Elizabeth's experience was anything to go by. Networking and burlesque, an odd combination.

Secret Knowledge of Backroads is "dead witty and not even slightly up his own arse." He openly snubbed the blogmeet, but it's all right, we won't hold any grudges. Backroads appears to be based in the general Manchester area, but I can't figure out exactly where. Write in and tell us more about yourself, B, or remain mysterious.

This one isn't a blog, it's more of a website, but it's quite well done. Aidan O' Rourke is a name that may be familar to regular readers of Manchester newspapers, as his photojournalism has been featured in them for several years. Now he's set up Eye On Manchester, which is a straightforward news and photography site; the latest item is about Peter Saville's new signage/logo design for the City of Manchester. Props to Mancubist for the tip, and for bringing Aidan to our last blogmeet. He's a lovely chap, even if he thinks my name is Jane.

Samscam is the personal photo-rific weblog of Sam Easterby-Smith, who is the proud father of recently arrived baby Laurel. This week it's lots of adorable baby photos and videos, and also some helpful information about good butchers round Heaton way.

Last up is the FC United blog run by journalist Paul Edmundson, who regularly writes for the maverick side's matchday programme and unofficial fansite on He has also recently contributed a chapter on Man U and FC United for a book called Rebellion due out in October.

Sorry I was so slow to put these links up, they should be on the blogroll this weekend. Unless the weather's really nice and I don't get around to it ...

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