Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back for the MLF

Sniff, cough, hack. I've just limped back into the country, valiantly fighting against an evil head cold and jetlag double smackdown. That America is just teeming with germs, I tell you. But I need to recover fast if I'm going to enjoy the Manchester Literature Festival, which starts today.

There are quite a few exciting things going on in the city over the course of the fest. Techy creatives will be especially interested in the freeplay strand of programming, which combines literature with circuitry - check out the Burgess Project, Anywhereblogs and, of course, The Manchester Blog Awards night. Word has it the BBC are going to be on hand to interview Manchester bloggers for both BBC Manchester and Radio Five Live's Pods and Blogs programme, so if you're one come along and use up a few of your fifteen minutes of fame. We're also going to be going out for some drinks after the event - sort of like a Manchester blogger meet-up (the next one of those will be in November, by the way.) All are welcome.


Anonymous said...

see y'all there!

Deadly Female said...

Yikes, would love to be there but I think this is one occasion where I should retain my anonymity