Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Deliver us from Cheadle

Didn't you know God was a Northern lad? In response to Londoners trying to claim a special relationship with the deity in the letters pages of the Guardian,
Norm has given us The Ordsall Prayer.
All together now:

Our Father, which art in Heaton,
Fallowfield be thy Name.
Thy Kingston come.
Thy Withington.
In Irlam as it is in Denton.
Give us this day our Lower Bredbury...

To read the rest, go here.


android said...

Since Norman doesn't have commenting on his blog, I'll say this here: It's great! I'm sure, if submitted to some worthy local government organisation, this could easily make it into official literature.

James said...

A friend of mine always says that God's a Miles Platting lad. Looks like he might have been onto something.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff. I love the Manc attitude of "anything you can do..."