Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Manchester Blog Awards: 2006 Winners

So last night's Manchester Blog Awards ceremony went off without a hitch. Thanks to the many intrepid bloggers who braved some rather serious poetry readings in order to represent. In the audience I spotted Spinneyhead, Bitter and Blue, Skipper, Mancubist, Craig McGinty, Robin Hamman (he's the one liveblogging in the only picture I've been able to find of the event, above, from ickleweb), Kitchentable, Keris Stainton, Wodge, The Art of Fiction, The Tart of Fiction, and, of course our excellent readers, Geoff of the 43 and The Airport Exile, whose blog readings were by turns lyrical, evocative and funny.

The 2006 winnners are....

Best Political Blog: Normblog
Best Arts and Culture Blog: Yer Mam!
Best Personal Blog: A Free Man in Preston
Blog of the year: The 43

Best wishes to all of the winners. Don't let your new superstar status go to your heads, and remember all the little people like us when you're cruising around the blogosphere in your tricked-out limo, sipping champagne with models and movie stars. Congrats to all of the shortlisted bloggers, too - the competition was very fierce.

Many thanks again to our judges, Richard Fair of BBC Radio Manchester and the BBC Manchester Blog, Fee Plumley of the Manchester Literature Festival and Dave Carter of MDDA, for their time and effort. Thanks to Newfred for donating his design wizardry. And thanks also to Robin, who donated a load of BBC T-shirts to the cause and interviewed quite a few Manc bloggers for Radio Five Live's Pods and Blogs. I'll post the information here when I find out when it's going to be airing.


Anonymous said...

I did take some photos but I'm not sure whether to post them or not. I think one of the winners said their blog was supposed to be anonymous.

Tim said...

And hats off to you for organising the whole knees up. Thanks very much.