Sunday, October 08, 2006

Manchester Blog Awards Shortlist

Here's the shortlist for the 2006 blog awards. There are three shortlisted candidates for each category. They are, in no particular order:

Blog of the Year


The Airport Diaries


Best Personal Blog

A Free Man in Preston

Keris Stainton


Best Arts and Culture Blog

Yer Mam!

Ready Steady Book

Bitter and Blue

Best Political Blog



Blood and Treasure

It was very difficult to decide what to shortlist - thanks everyone for writing in with your nominations (we had close to a hundred separate emails, a great response.) I hope next year we can have more categories, as it would broaden the field a bit.

Everyone is welcome at the Blog Awards Monday Oct. 16, 7pm in the Social at Urbis, where the winners will be announced and where we will have blog readings from Geoff of 43 and the airport exile, plus live literary and musical entertainments from the Verberate crew. Yes, there will be beer there. And it's free. Not the beer, I mean it's free admission. Sorry.


Tim said...

Bloody hell!
The only thing I’ve ever been nominated for previously was retrieving the football from Mrs. Blackshaw’s back garden. They said she was a witch and I believed them. I know what I saw.

Anonymous said...

Boo. I lose. I'm not shortlisted.

Anonymous said...

Why, thank you.

Deadly Female said...

Blimey, so many Manchester blogs and so little time. I'll keep a little quiet about by Northern roots, I don't think I can compete....