Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New NW online mag

Until now, Manchester has been overlooked by the subscription e-magazine trend that's proven immensely successful in the world's other cosmopolitan urbs. New Yorkers who want a short but tasty lowdown of what's on get Flavorpill zapped to their inbox every week. Similarly, in-the-know Londoners swear by Urban Junkies. Meanwhile, all we've had is thinly-veiled advertorial of Manchester Confidential, which is clearly aimed at a Cheshire set more interested in charity dos than poetry slams or sloppy parties in abandoned warehouses.

But here comes Your Fridge Door, a subscription-based daily e-magazine about what's happening in the North West. And yes, that means Manchester AND Liverpool (Preston? Lancaster? Anyone?) The site looks good, despite being online for only a couple of weeks (and I've just about forgiven them for equating bloggers with reality TV morons. Kind of.)

It's unclear whether linking the two cities will work - despite their proximity, residents tend to view them as completely separate entities. But with high-end national advertisters targeted that may not be an issue; This week the site is running ads from Diesel, just like Urban Junkies, which makes sense as YFD Editor Stephen Toal was one of the original UJ team.

Just to make things more interesting, I hear Manchester Confidential plans to expand into Liverpool shortly. Looks like the North West is finally waking up to the potential of new media - and we could have a nice little competition shaping up.

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