Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Big for summer: The homeless look

You know, it totally sucks when you're being interviewed by a trendy magazine at a famous clubnight and you say something so breathtakingly thoughtless and stupid that it makes Mel Gibson look like Martin Luther King. And then they print it in the magazine, underneath your picture. That, like, totally blows.

From NYLON, June/July 2006


coxy said...

Hahah, quality. And quit you're moaning - you look great. :P

Stuart Ian Burns said...

I'd probably end up saying something like 'Oh a t-shirt and jeans' which is much blander wouldn't you say.

Kate Feld said...

If anyone ever asks me to describe my look, I'll make up something ridiculous sounding, like "electronic urban cowhand", and then make fun of the person who nods sagely.