Monday, August 07, 2006

D.Percussion recap

So D. Percussion was okay. A fun day out in gloomy Castlefield. I'll be honest, I didn't think the musical lineup was all that. I tried to get into some of the bands (The Whip, The Longcut, Aim) but my mind would wander after a couple of songs. And I just missed Field Music, the one band I actually wanted to see. It would be really, really nice if Ear to the Ground would at least let us know what the running order is for each stage next time. They never do, though, and so everyone spends the entire day rushing aimlessly from stage to stage.

But maybe I'm always distracted by running into old friends, added to the ridiculous difficulties of trying to get a drink (which was not helped by the drinks stands running out of everything but John Smiths and Brandy by 7pm, and we're not even going to talk about that disgusting Fosters citrus beer they were flogging by BarCa.) Getting in enough drinks seems like basic competency stuff for events companies, though I was glad to see that they had enough portaloos this year. Still, it was fun to see everyone out and about in their finest hoodies and jeans. Did anyone else go?


Anonymous said...

I thought the music was better than last year, plus I know one of Polytechnic so I was happy to see them play in front of such a large crowd.

I do get annoyed though by the amount of people who get on stage and feel the need to remind you where are you every 10 seconds, just because saying the word "Manchester" gets an easy reaction that they can pretend is actully for them.

vitty100 said...

I didn't. I was too busy getting the most painful sore throat in history.

But quite a lot of the FC United crowd - including some of the players - went down to have a look.

Good turnout, then?

James said...

I was there. It didn't seem as much fun as past years. Too many people, I guess. I called it a night at around 9ish and spent a good few hours in Briton's Protection instead.

Anyway, I've finally made the jump to blogger, so update yer bookmark, please!

Kate Feld said...

James, I totally agree... too many people for me. And I'm sorry... I forgot to change your link ages ago! Will remedy it immediately.

Kate Feld said...

By the way, James... "as addictive as crack-laced pringles?" How descriptive!